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Book your wedding makeup and hair appointment as soon as you confirm your wedding date & venue. Book your free consultation with us right away !

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Book your wedding makeup and hair appointment as soon as you confirm your wedding date & venue. Book your free consultation with us right away. We can guide and help you to choose your outfit and jewelry. Always try your jewelry before you buy it, always consider your comfort and appropriate fit when it comes to jewelry and outfit, on display things can look different sometimes when tried it can be very painful and unattractive. Schedule your wedding makeup and hair trial once you have finalized your outfit, jewelry and inspired look.

7 Days Before: Facial

4/5 Days Before: Waxing or Hair Removal

3 Days Before: Manicure and Pedicure

1 Day Before: Wash your hair and shampoo is twice and conditioner it, please make sure hair are not oily it should be fresh and fluffy for the wedding day. If you have oily scalp than itsbetter to wash it the same morning, please make sure hair are not wet at the time of your appointment.

Skin Care: Start and schedule your skin care regime few months before your big day to see the difference, never try anything new right before the wedding, its not worth trying an experiment or taking a risk. We can guide you choose products according to your skin type, doing mini facials at home once a week and once a month in salon will help destress your skin, improve blood circulation and brighten your complexion. So, you look fresh even if you feel tired.

Waxing: is done before the wedding and at least 2 days before Henna, to prevent any reaction from any product henna might have. Waxing helps exfoliate and remove dead skin if you are planning a tan give yourself 48 after waxing.

Manicure, Pedicure can be done 1 days before henna application, after henna you won’t be able to exfoliate or sock your nails for longer it might cause your henna fade faster and for polish choose a color that suits your theme and weather not just for the day of your wedding, so you can enjoy your nail paint for a longer period.


BOOKINGS: To secure your events dates and scheduled services times a signed contract is required with a $300.00 deposit due at the time of signing or booking. The deposit is non‐refundable and non‐transferable. Deposit can be emailed to or

If the contracted Makeup Artist is unable to perform the services agreed upon due to an emergency, illness, or unexpected occurrence a trusted substitute Makeup Artist/ Hair stylist will be assigned and informed of the contracted and discussed arrangements.

Price doesn’t include tax; we do not accept last minute services on the day of the event. Please make every person that needs service is listed on the contract or informed a week prior the event. We need a certain amount of time per person to give quality service.

DELAYS: A late fee of $50.00 will be charged for every 30 minutes of delay when a client is late for a scheduled time or if scheduled makeup exceeds allotted time because of client delays.

SERVICE LOCATION AND REQUIREMENTS: Please have a clean washed face. If hair service required, please have hair washed and dried (extra services fee required). Ensure location temperature is cool and not hot so that makeup and hair will set properly. Ample lighting, comfortable chair, access to electric plugs, mirror is also required.

TRAVEL FEE: Flat fee of a 100 to travel to your place (within 30 km radius) Travel price might change depending on travel distance.

PARKING FEE: Any parking, valet or toll fees must be paid by client, if applicable.

LIABILITY: All brushes and makeup products are kept sanitary. All products are sanitized between every makeup application. Any skin conditions or sensitivities of the client(s) should be reported to the makeup artist or hairstylist prior to application, and if needed a sample test of makeup may be performed on skin.

PAYMENT: The final balance is due on the day of the event prior to services. Cash and Visa Master Card accepted. No exceptions. The Person(s) responsible for the entire balance of payment is the person(s) who has signed the booking contract.

PICTURES: Amber Esthetics can post your pictures on their social media platform unless otherwise advised by you.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation must be made within 14 days right after the booking or signed contract, after 14 days your deposit is not refundable and 14 days prior to your reserved date you will be responsible for the full amount of services agreed upon in this contract.

WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE: If our makeup artist(s) or hairstylist(s) feel uncomfortable, threatened or verbally abused in any way, he/she will have the right to leave the premises without completing services.

By checking the box you agree to have your appointments scheduled as needed, and the prices and policies listed in this contract as applicable to your scheduled appointments. You understand and agree to the non-refundable deposit to secure appointments for your party. You agree to pay the complete balance for your wedding party on the day of the wedding listed in this contract. You understand and will comply with the cancellation policy. You understand that no refund will be given for members of the wedding party who miss their appointment on the day of the wedding. You also understand that you are responsible for balances from any members of your party who fail to provide payment.

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